Just for fun

If you are like me, as a writer I sometimes have difficulties getting started with what I want to write about. I find it both fun and easy when you use a writing prompt to help you get in the writing mood. Today we are going to get some writing in the topic will be, My favorite vacation…. You have five minutes to come up with as much as you can about your favorite vacation.

My favorite vacation was the Christmas my mom surprised our whole family, including my two aunts, two sisters, and three cousins with a trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando. We embarked upon our journey in the middle of the night in a white station wagon. We all had to take turns sitting in the very back of the station wagon, don’t laugh y’all know what I’m talking about. This trip would prove to be the first of many that we would enjoy as a family. Walt Disney World is a magical place during the holiday season, they have fireworks and parades in the theme parks as well as singing and a gang of people. The Disney World experience allowed us to bond in a way that we never had. I remember being out during the night looking up at the sky thinking there is no place on earth I would rather be.


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