Just for fun

As writer’s we want to entice our readers to feel the emotion, picture imagery, and immerse themselves in the drama of what we are writing about. The only way to accomplish this goal is by the words we choose in our writing. I have seen authors take this to far to the point that you can’t really understand what they are trying to say because of the BIG word choice. I have given an example of how you can take a basic sentence and re-write it to sound as if you just stepped out of a writing class.

Example of a basic sentence: I used to hate how loud my kids played in the back yard of our house.

Example of the sentence re-worded: As I walked through the domestic covering of my home I had an epiphany that I no longer had an aversion to my children playing loudly in the forest I call a back yard.

In today’s fun exercise I want you to take a paragraph in your journal, notebook, novel, or whatever you write in and rewrite it to give more imagery and emotion. If you are brave post it for us all to see.


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