Daily Digest

Today I am just stunned and shocked by the different things I am reading and seeing in the news today. First of all an Italian cruise ship crashed after hitting a sandbar. How does that happen in this day and time? On top of that the captain had the nerve to leave the ship with people still on there. Who does that? I guess that’s why he was arrested. I can’t imagine being one of the passengers on this cruise ship. It sounds like a modern-day Titanic.


There is a missing Howard University student apparently she went home for the holidays and made it back to campus, but no one has seen her. How does a student return to campus, and for almost a week no one knows her whereabouts? Do college campuses not have security cameras on the premises at all? As a parent I communicate with my kids daily so after the first 24 hours I would have known something was wrong. Please be on the lookout for this student if you have seen her please report it to the local authorities.

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