Good Reading- What are your thoughts?

When a black man meets a white woman and they fall in love, sometimes there are more pressing matters that concern them than the predictable fuss over an interracial relationship. The latest novel from the popular Dickey (Friends and Lovers) is as much about relationships as it is about race. Both Jordan Greene, a 30ish engineer, and Kimberly Chavers, a 28-year-old artist, have thorny connections with friends, former lovers and relatives that they must unravel before they can even begin to think about a life together. For Jordan, there is his on-again, off-again relationship with fiery J’nette, who says she is carrying his baby. There is his friendship with his confidant Solomon, who is engaged to J’nette’s best friend but may be less trustworthy than he seems. Then there is Jordan’s family. When he flies from New York to his native small town of Brownsville, Tenn., to attend the funeral of his ex-stepfather, Jordan is caught in the thick of family woes. His half-brother, Reggie, has finally checked into a drug rehabilitation program but only after casting their older brother, Darrell, into bankruptcy. In the rural South, where racial tensions are more frightening and immediate than Jordan remembers, he must not only suffer his older brother’s harangues against dating white women but also do so while loaning him money. Kimberly, meanwhile, is trying to rid herself of an obnoxious, white ex-boyfriend and come to grips with a secret past that she fears will make Jordan doubt her love for him. By the time she shows Jordan her skeletons, makes up with a troubled family of her own and faces down violence on the streets of New York, Dickey has demonstrated once again his easy mastery of dialogue and voice (both romantic leads share narrator’s honors with an omniscient third-person) and his cheerful, wittily acerbic eye for the troubles that plague lovers in the 1990s. (Sept.) FYI: Signet will issue Friends and Lovers in paperback in September.
Copyright 1998 Reed Business Information, Inc. –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

If you read this book, how did it make you feel? Is interracial dating still an issue? Let me hear your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Good Reading- What are your thoughts?

  1. O.k…..
    Today I met a stranger,
    so kind and sweet
    She never gave me her name,
    So, we actually didnt meet.
    She was so beautiful,
    When I gazed upon her face
    I began to wonder
    rather if she was from this place.
    Then it hit me, just so pure
    with the whiteness of a dove
    That you were an angel sent from above.
    (Jaye’s Original)

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