Featured Writer- Kuande Hall

Missing Out

It started as a faded memory

A distant thought of place and times
When our movements were intertwined with one another

A vision of past experiences
That quickly fades into the distances
Of a forbidden history

Do you remember…

Do the thoughts of u and me
Generate internal energies
That desire to be touch like they were once before

Your memory has me loosing sleep and I’m not sure why
Not that I’m the type of guy to linger upon a forbidden treasure
A passion and attraction that I’ve sought for what seems like forever

But you…

You style and your confidence
Your stance and, yes, your appearance
Continue to torment me until this very moment

I need your thighs around my waste
Your lips upon my own to taste
And even now, I see ur smile slightly stretching across your face

But not trying to be real rude
Cause I never been that dude
So I suppose all in trying to say is

I miss u

What do you think of Kuande’s poem? What does it say to you? You can contact Kuande on twitter @SpeechlessPowet. If you want to be featured as the daily writer e-mail me at mechirenee@gmail.com.


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