Featured Writer- Cecilia Moreno

Things on my mind
im trapped within these walls,
feeling the air around me,
go stale.
while everyone screams,
about the things that seem too
along with the logic..,
that seems.,
to die.
right with the weed,
that has kept me so..,
my perception of time,
is decreasing with,
the letters I bind,
trying to make a rhyme,
with the pieces of my life,that i’ve left behind.
im trying to keep it all.,
as my life seems to give away..,
like a simple little..,
thats floating in the,
destruction of the world…,
creating a pathway of..,
and a whirlwind of..,
that no one can truely.,
i try not to make assumptions..,
that have no point…,
and with the things..,
i wish i didnt have to do.
and once i come..,
down the road of wrong..,
my reality seems to come undone..,
like the cheap Elmer glue…,
that no one really seems to buy..,
of the trends..,
the companies make you buy..,
so they can make another dollar..,
in which they never really needed in their whole lives.
oh yes..,
im coming hard..,
because i speak the truth.
dont get mad at me..,
because you already  been lied too.
im tired of the bullshyte..
that seems to spread like a deadly..,
that almost feels like the flu.
so dont come to me..
with things that seems to ease..,
through my world of worry free..,
and ha yea i know u wanna be me.

What do you think of Cecilia’s poem? What does it say to you? You can contact Cecilia on facebook @Mrpoetic fuqkinyashyteup moreno. If you want to be featured as the daily writer e-mail me at mechirenee@gmail.com. We never alter how our writers write. We post it exactly how they pen it.


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