Feature Writer- MontajahM

Through The Test Of Time……

I carry you in my spirit and crave you with my soul.  I’ve searched 10 times over for your love that’s made whole. Plenty of bad decisions and a world of mistakes on a road with a fork but I always choose to go straight. Never really trusting cause I could not see just what that fork in the road had in store for me, tired from heartache and worn out from deceit I stopped walking that narrow path and switched to plan B,  No longer living in fear of love and being willing to open up my heart and try because for a taste of your love I would be willing to die and not die only in the physical sense but in the mental & spiritual form as well cause when you posses true love you take on a whole new form one that’s not recognized by many and only a chosen few can see because real love is a weapon and in the wrong hands it can become deadly.  So all I can do is hope and pray that these words will help you realize why I am so sure our love was destined to last through eternity.


What do you think about this poem? How does it make you feel? Please leave your feedback positive or negative. If you want to contact MontajahM. you can reach her at moniquevmobley@hotmail.com


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