Good Reading- What are your thoughts?


Here is the book that brought Bishop T.D. Jakes to the forefront of America’s bestselling Christian authors. Selling over half a million copies in hardcover alone, The Lady, Her Lover, and Her Lord is as provocative as it is profound–a truly inspiring volume that shows today’s women how to improve their relationships with their men, their God, and themselves. In a society that asks women to be perfect, sweet, sexy, submissive, and pristine, T.D. Jakes offers a spiritual path that cuts through the mixed messages and leads women toward the true self God wants them to be: strong, loving, and real.

“Bishop T.D. Jakes is a breath of fresh air….Take it from me, the material within this book does make a difference.” –Natalie Cole

“He demonstrates an unusual ability to inspire, uplift, teach, and comfort. An eloquent wordsmith…[he] writes with an abundance of memorable metaphors and yet speaks to women’s hearts in practical, often humorous terms….This masterful preacher offers all women sound advice and gentle, respectful encouragement.” —Publishers Weekly

Have you read this book tell me your thoughts?


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