Feature Writer- Amanda unknown last name


                  How I loved  waking up in her arms and how I hated having to leave the security, warmth and comfort of her embrace but quietly slipped out of her arms, from under the covers, into my rob and headed for the shower. Stepping in as the steam begin to fill the bathroom, placing both hands on the wall, lowering my head, closing my eyes and let the water cover me, hadn’t noticed she had made her way into the bathroom. Opening the shower door, taking her place behind me, placing both her hands on top of mine and kissed the back of  my neck, her second favorite place to place her lips. Letting my head fall back to rest on her shoulder as she moved her right hand around, placing it around my neck gently and with a soft squeeze, turning me around to face her and pushing me against the wall.

                The water still covering our bodies as she placed both her hands on my wrist, raising both hands above my head and traced the outside of my lips with her tongue before allowing it to slip between lips that were partly parted to release a moan that was exiting my mouth to enter hers as mouths connected into an soulful embrace and from the arch in my back we both knew exactly where this was going.

              “Don’t move” she said. Loving when she was forceful but still showing me and delivering me all of her passion. Looking into her eyes, watching as she ran her hands and fingers along my shoulders, down my arms, across my chest. Still watching as her eyes lowered, kissing my stomach before lowering completely to her knees. One hand on the shower wall and the other holding on to the frame, taking the body wash and squeezing it over me, working it in, my body jerking in the palm of her hands as she stopped to pay more than the usual attention to the spots that she knew and had learned to tease, please and satisfy so well. Feeling juices already leaving me but knowing even thru the water she would still be able to taste me.

             Lowering my hands, letting them fall, grabbing the back of her head, letting myself slide down to my knees, leaning in to let our mouths unite again into an amazing embrace. Bodies intertwined on the shower floor I was on top, hands on my hips, moving up and down, back and forth, rotating my hips, throwing my body back against all her movements and thrusting the rhythm of our bodies in perfect harmony. How could it be that every time she touched, kissed me, taste me or was inside making love to me, she took me to levels of  pleasure and satisfaction each time better than the time before.“Do it” she said, right leg up and on her shoulder.“Do it” she said, left leg up and on her shoulder.

             Closing my eyes as she disappeared to her favorite hiding place, taking in fist full of her hair as her mouth covered me. Moans filling the shower as she gently and swiftly in one move was inside of me again. Water still covering our bodies, still in perfect rhythm I was back on top, hands raised, throwing my head back, moving back and forth as she took me where she always does to the stars.

What do you think about this poem? How does it make you feel? Please leave your feedback positive or negative. If you want to contact Amanda you can reach her at ryoutheone4me@gmail.com.


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