A Valentine’s Day that he won’t forget

What a girl wouldn’t do to show her man how much he is loved. I saw the following posted in one of my Facebook groups and knew I had to share it with my audience. This is so romantic I hope to find someone who would go to these lengths to not leave anything out.

After 12 years of being together, I had to get creative. Since this is a surprise, he has no clue. It has been months in the making. The driver will give him a note from me telling him to pack enough for 3 or 4 days and the type of climate. He will have one hour to pack. After that, the driver will drop him off at the airport where he will be meeting me and our daughter. He will find out where we are going shortly before we go through security. We are going to Hong Kong. He has wanted to go for years, and we just didn’t have the time. After our long and lovely flight and a 13 hour time difference, we will be landing at a relatively decent time. We will be greeted by a representative from the hotel to escort us through customs and expedite the process. The hotel has generously offered to send their car since we will be guests. As a complimentary thing, he will have a chilled bottle of champagne for the ride to the hotel. Upon our arrival to the suite, we will be getting massages and spa treatments. Unwinding after a multi-hour flight is necessary.

On V-Day, we will be shopping with personal shopper(s) to find evening attire for dinner. He/she will be supplied by the stores of our choice. I want to let the world know how much I love my honey dip, so a banner will be displayed and it will be viewable by everyone in the vicinity. I don’t know what I’m going to say, yet. 83 and 1/2 dozen roses will be delivered. (Customary.)My actual gift to him will be picked out when I get there. Part of the suite and this arrangement involves a declaration of love gift. We will be having a cocktail hour on the terrace of our suite. Dinner is still in the air. I don’t know if we will be having it in our suite or in a private room at the restaurant. I’m thinking at the restaurant. If so, I want lots of candles and fresh roses. If we do have it in the room, they will be sending a string quartet to perform, which screams romance. I’m big on romance. *Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly* I just want him to enjoy, and I hope he sees how much I appreciate him.

How does this make you feel? Is it over the top why or why not? What is your best Valentine’s Day story? E-mail me and tell me about it you may make the blog


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