A Piece of Me

The poems in this section are snippets from a new poetry book called A Piece of Me ordering details are on this blogsite or you can go to http://www.mechirenee.shorturl.com All feedback positive or negative is appreciated.

Love Me

I want to be in love.

I need to be in love.

Are you my love?

My heart is aching.

My stomach is pained.

I feel like I love in vain.

Everyone is happy.

Everyone is attached.

Not me.

I have been stabbed in the back.

Questions to the reader; What do you feel? What is the author saying to you?


3 thoughts on “A Piece of Me

    1. I post my stuff everyday under the post called a Piece of Me these are pieces of whole poems. If you like them you can purchase the book from me. I appreciate your feedback about my work. Please feel free to reblog my work as a quest post and I will do the same if you like.

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