Featured Writer- Givens

One DayTo you I vow
My love,
Through the anger we will share
Through the tears we will shed
Through the fights we will fight
Through the children we will bear
I vow to you my love.
I vow my love
Through the hard decisions
Through the bad choices
Through the difference of opinions
Through our raised voices
I vow to you my love
I promise to cherish all this is
Wrong with
Odd and questionable
About you.
I promise to remember that you are
a simple man
a sensitive heart
a great mind
and a child of God.
I will honor
your heart
your soul
your mind
our decisions
our marriage and
our friendship.
I will obey
the outline of virtuous wife
as written in Proverbs 31:10
And the direction God gives me
When I pray for you,
Our family
and answers to the questions
we can not answer alone.
You have
For the rest of your life
A supportive
and loving wife.
Because my love
does not stop growing
and needs are ever changing
to you, I say,
if you ever need
anything more of me
just ask and I will amend my vows to you. 

What do you think of Givens poem? What does it say to you? If you want to be featured e-mail me at mechirenee@gmail.com. We never alter how our writers write. We post it exactly how they pen it.


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