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Daily Devotional

God Sets The Gold Standard for Love

By Sharon Frame
This week’s topic: God’s Love

Did you notice? Just days after Christmas department stores started stocking their shelves with cuddly Teddy Bears and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate treats. Yes, Valentine’s Day is around the corner and “Love” is big business. The tens of millions of dollars spent buying flowers and candy every February 14th prove our love affair with the idea of love.

This most romantic day of the year thrills some people, but it leaves others really depressed. For those lonely and longing for love, Valentine’s Day can prove to be dark and dreadful. It may provoke heart-aching memories of a bitter break-up, betrayal or love lost to stupidity or divorce. But failed relationships are part of the unpredictability of human love.

Now God’s love, that’s another matter. It comes with eternal guarantees and is never fleeting. It’s offered at no risk of betrayal to you. God’s love is readily available to all at anytime. It’s not based on emotions or feelings but on God’s commitment to His own Word. Since God is love, He can’t help but to love us. And His love never fails.

God’s love is steadfast, unmovable, always abounding. It is the pattern from which all human love is based. And the more we replicate it in our relationships, the more we’ll resemble God and reflect His loving character. So what does God’s love look like?

For those in relationships why not use this advertised “season of love” as a reminder to strengthen your bonds and embrace the love traits spelled out in 1st Corinthians? As for unattached singles, expect a slew of remedies from relationship experts on how to avoid Valentine’s Day depression. They’ll advise you to “Throw yourself a party.” “Send yourself flowers.” “Hang out with friends.” But if you are lonely and depressed these suggestions are just temporary fixes. The party will end, your self-addressed flowers will fade and your friends will eventually go home. Then your emptiness and longing for companionship will likely resurface.

Before that happens make a determined move to attach yourself to God’s love. Let His Word remind you of how special you are to Him. There is no greater companion or comforter. With that assurance you’ll soon discover that you can be physically alone and not be lonely on Valentine’s Day, or any day of the year.

Scripture of the Day: “Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you.” – Psalm 63:3

Sharon FrameSharon Frame is a former CNN anchor, Award-Winning Empowerment Speaker, a Media Coach and “Follow-Through” Expert. Her passion is to encourage and empower! Sharon’s latest book, “Wired to Win” teaches how to Plug In, Power Up and Push Through to Personal Greatness. Visit…


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