A Piece of Me

The poems in this section are snippets from a new poetry book called A Piece of Me ordering details are on this blog-site or you can go to http://www.mechirenee.shorturl.com. All feedback positive or negative is appreciated.


I can see through you.

Different sides and faces

Your heart shows me other places.

Why do you fight yourself?

You want love to be revealed to you

You put on the opposite face.

Questions to the reader; What do you feel? What is the author saying to you?


3 thoughts on “A Piece of Me

  1. I feel torn, in a relationship that’s one sided like u want me, you enjoy the pleasures that I give but you’re fighting with commitment and love

  2. I love the imagery this invokes. A transparent man, with rotating face-masks, his heart suspended in the middle but displaying images of other times and places, a dueling quarrel between the men the different faces represent, yet his transparent body stands still waiting for you to do what is expected, all while the faces continue to turn. And the truth of this matter is something I’ve seen before, something familiar yet invoked anew with this wonderful poem. Thank you for posting it.

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