A Piece of Me

The poems in this section are snippets from a new poetry book called A Piece of Me ordering details are on this blog-site or you can go to http://www.mechirenee.shorturl.com All feedback positive or negative is appreciated.


Don’t I matter; have things to do.

Time not standing still

Passing me  by seconds, minutes,

41 past time to meet

Do I continue to wait?

Ready to devour you with words

Stood up, so I think

Strolling in no big deal

Questions to the reader; What do you feel? What is the author saying to you?


One thought on “A Piece of Me

  1. The first thing I, as Male, must answer to a Woman that’s explained the scenario… WHY do you SETTLE? A first read isn’t complete information as my Mother, and Grandmother grasped College to raise children after leaving LEESVILLE. Your photo screams Beauty AND KNOWLEDGE. Hopefully, there WILL be someone strong enough to RETURN “those pieces”. Intact and ENHANCED.
    “D” / om

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