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Daily Devotional

Wisdom of the Wildebeest

By Julian Newman
This week’s topic: A Love For God’s People

When I was a little kid I would watch “The Wild Kingdom from Mutual of Omaha”. This was a nature show that sponsored by an insurance company. It was the Discovery Channel before Discovery Channel.

Birds, insects, fish, you name it. I loved them all. But by far my favorite episodes were those filmed on the open plain. Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs, Panthers, Leopards, African Elephants, Zebras, and Wildebeest. Yes, Wildebeest.

The Wildebeest provided all the drama. It would start out with a herd of about 8 million Wildebeest running across the African plain (well, maybe it was a little less than 8 million. I was a little kid, you know!).

This huge herd would trample along, rumbling across the earth. Behind this gigantic mass of hair and hooves, were lions, cheetahs and sometimes hyenas.

They would follow the Wildebeest for miles, staying attached but safely keeping their distance.

It the herd stopped, they would too. If they started to move, the cats would do the same.

If you didn’t know any better you might think the cats were present as benevolent hosts, escorting the herd safely to their destination. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. These big cats were not escorts.

They were patrons.

Patrons of an outdoor restaurant waiting for the special of the day.

They would wait a long time. A very long time.

They weren’t waiting for the food to arrive.

They were waiting for the food to be served.

Food was served when somehow, a Wildebeest, big or small was separated from the pack.

When grouped, the Wildebeest were too strong.

But when isolated, the Wildebeest were too easy.

I can almost hear the narrator describing the scene while the music rose ominously:

“…Look, one from the herd is separated from the rest…”

“…Such a precarious position…”

“..The predators are on the hunt, knowing this is their chance…”

“…Now the lions surround the single Wildebeest, drawing closer, and closer, and closer, to the animal…”

“…They lick their lips in anticipation of the tasty meal they are about to eat..”. Sometimes they would cut to commercial. But most of the time they would let you watch the Wildebeest get torn apart. It was a grisly scene, but it mesmerized me. I couldn’t turn away. Almost every time they filmed the African plain it was the same thing. One Wildebeest runs alone, and that same Wildebeest is killed and eaten.

Every time. Same music. Same outcome. Every time. And the same can be said of us.

When we are separated from others, from God, from His words, we are ripe for Satan’s taking.

When we are isolated from our strength, we are nothing more than sitting ducks.

Or a lone running Wildebeest.

Think of all the trouble that could be avoided if we wouldn’t isolate ourselves.

When we make an attempt to, we travel a very dangerous path. I would say just ask the Wildebeest.

But every Wildebeest that could accurately speak on the subject isn’t available. Because they have been eaten.


Scripture of the Day: “A man who isolates himself seeks his own desire; 
He rages against all wise judgment.” -Proverbs 18:1

Julian NewmanJulian Newman is a husband, father, writer, artist and storyteller who serves as Lead Pastor of Renaissance Church in the greater Sacramento region. He has passion for creativity, innovation, leadership, outreach and evangelism, mentoring, the arts, reading and teaching the bible. Find him on Twitter at!/JulianNewman


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