Reduce Stress

As well know, February is American Heart Month. Keeping our hearts healthy is crazy important, right? However, we carry around a factor almost everyday that is known to contribute to heart disease…STRESS.  If left unmanaged, it can lead to many emotional and physical health problems including heart disease and since I love ya, I wanted to share some tips on reducing stress.  (Tips I am doing myself!)
5 Tips to Reduce Stress…
 1. Exercise regularly. That’s a given, yes, but exercising isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to do so MAKE IT FUN!  Get your body moving by dancing to your favorite songs for at least 20 minutes.
2. Forget the kids Timeout, take your own Timeout. Sometimes “it’s” just too much and there is nothing wrong with stepping away for a while to regroup.
3. Give yourself one day a week where you do not work.  Easier said than done but needed.  Many take their Sunday to do nothing. Nothing is gooooood. (you can always count on a Law & Order marathon on a Sunday to zone out on.)
4. Get some fish.  Watching fish swim around has a calming effect on us and sets a tranquil mood.
5. LET IT OUT!  Often in order to keep from appearing vulnerable and to have it “all together”, we keep our emotions to ourselves. To top that off and as preposterous as it sounds, we keep our true emotions away from the very person that needs to feel and process them…our own d*mn self!  Put your bottled up emotions into words by writing them in a journal or speaking them out in a conversation with God, a friend, or family member.  The point is to get it our of your system.
*Bonus: Forgive.  Holding onto resentment and anger towards another hurts you more than it hurts them. While you sit upset with negative feelings stirring about, they’re out living their life.
*Okay, one more Bonus: Get rid of the garbage and by that, I mean people.  If there is a person in your life that upsets you, brings you more negativity than positivity, and just brings your energy level downnnn to the ground when you deal with them…get rid of them.  This is your physical, mental, and emotional health that we’re talking about here.
Have a wonderful day and use these tips to manage your stress and stay healthy.  I hope to see many of you in March at my EPIC workshop “More Love, Less Hate”.


Nikki Ransom, CEO, Certified Life, Relationship & Sex Coach

LoversEd, LLC

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