Inspiration Station

Daily Devotional

When I waited

By Jamie Carte
This week’s topic: The Power Of Prayer

Have you ever been praying and waiting on God for something or are you waiting right now?  Webster’s Dictionary defines waiting as, to stay or be in expectation, to tarry, to remain.  Do you know what it is like to stay in a place, in a place of expectancy for God to do something, something wonderful and keep staying and keep remaining and keep praying and keep waiting some more?  I do.  And I guess the greatest example that I have is when I was waiting on God to bring forth my mate.

I had totally given my life to God, my time, my mind, my all.  I had also laid dating on the altar and told God that I was not going to keep giving my attention and heart to someone that was not the man of God for me.  I told God that I trusted Him and He was a Big Enough God to bring me my mate, if He desired for me to be married.  I had also told God that if He could use me more being single, I would surrender to that also.  Yet, there were those times, that I would be at my trailer and I would pray and cry out to God about my mate.  I so longed for God to bring him into my life.  I would pray and speak life over my mate and his family every day and would talk to God about him.  I would ask God to protect him, mold him, that he would get closer to God and bless him wherever he was.  And after years of waiting, hoping and praying, one very special day, God put my mate before my eyes!  I did not know that Dewayne was my mate that first day.  But it was not long before The Lord began showing me over and over that Dewayne was from Him and was my mate. My marriage is absolutely beautiful.  Dewayne is not only my best friend, he is a true reflection of God’s Love for me. There are times that I am overwhelmed by the Goodness of God that I experience on a daily basis because of the gift God gave me in Dewayne.

I can attest that Waiting, Praying, Hoping and Expecting God to do something in your life is an amazing adventure.  For, when God is allowed to give to you, He does not hold Himself back, He Gives and Gives and Gives!  I know waiting seems at times endless, but be assured, that God and His angels are behind the scenes working things out for you.  Keep your words in line with what you are waiting and hoping for from The Lord.  Encourage yourself with the promises of God and hold on to them with all your might and speak them with your mouth.  David, who The Holy Spirit wrote in Psalm 27 though had to Wait on the promise to become the King of Israel, and after his Wait, he received.  So, allow me to encourage you today to not give up in your Wait.  God Is Faithful, You CAN TRUST HIM!  Beloved, keep praying, for you can WAIT FOR AND HOPE FOR AND EXPECT THE LORD!  Because prayer is very powerful!

Scripture of the Day: “Wait and hope for and expect the Lord; be brave and of good courage and let your heart be stout and enduring. Yes, wait for and hope for and expect the Lord” – Psalm 27:14 (AMP)

Jamie CarteJamie Carte is Vice President and Senior Minister of Jamie Carte Ministries in Hico, West Virginia, USA. An evangelist, Bible teacher, writer and speaker, Jamie reaches the lost and teaches the Bride of Christ how to prepare for Her Wedding Day, which is The Rapture of The Church. Visit Jamie Carte at…


3 thoughts on “Inspiration Station

  1. I think a woman as intelligent as you and so beautiful, could devote part of her time on more mundane tasks. I do not dispute your beliefs, but I think there are more things in life that one single god that, after all, is only found inside our heads…
    Not my intention to disturb you with this comment!

      1. In no case I enter into the subject of beliefs, which I deeply respect, whatever they are. I was just commenting that I believe there are many more things in this world one can be interested and enjoy them…

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