Inspiration Station

Daily Devotional

No Short Cut Traffic Lanes

By Jamie Carte
This week’s topic: Time Alone With God

Jesus goes to The Temple where God’s Presence, His Father actually dwelt on earth. The Bible tells us that Jesus “Cleaned House” at the Temple.  And then He did something that we all need to pay attention to, “He would not permit anyone to carry any household equipment through the temple enclosure [thus making the temple area a short-cut traffic lane]”  After Jesus sent home the people at the Temple who were “robbing” from His People, He made sure that others would not use those Courts of the Temple as a “short-cut” or just a “traffic lane” anymore.

Church, in life there are so many “paths” that you can take.  And in this life there are what seem to be paths that can get you to your destinations quicker.  Only we find out that, the things that really matter most in life, THERE ARE NO SHORT CUTS TO THEM!  Those people at the Temple were JUST RUNNING THROUGH the Place where God was, where His Word was, where His Presence was, where forgiveness was, where prayer was . . . AND THEY JUST WANTED TO TAKE A SHORT CUT THROUGH HIM AND HIS PRESENCE!  And those people probably thought that it was OK to just zip through God’s Place and Presence, for The Bible tells us it had became a “traffic lane.”  All the other people or “traffic” were running through the Temple and so they followed.

God and His Presence is so precious. Time with Him is so dear. Church, when you are going to The House of The Lord, really GO there!  Don’t just run through the time at Church, make it count! Allow your time to be between you and Him.  Focus on Him and His Goodness.  DON’T TAKE ANY SHORT-CUTS!  DON’T JUST RUN THROUGH AND FOLLOW ALL THE OTHER TRAFFIC THAT IS RUNNING THROUGH!  Stop and listen and take some time to BE with Him!  Study Him, talk to Him, park and BE with Him!  In the midst of all the busyness of our world, decide to make your time with Him count.  Don’t follow the other Traffic and don’t take those short- cuts Bride!

Verse of the Day: “And He would not permit anyone to carry any household equipment through the temple enclosure [thus making the temple area a short-cut traffic lane].” – Mark 11:16 (AMP)

Jamie CarteJamie Carte is Vice President and Senior Minister of Jamie Carte Ministries in Hico, West Virginia, USA. An evangelist, Bible teacher, writer and speaker, Jamie reaches the lost and teaches the Bride of Christ how to prepare for Her Wedding Day, which is The Rapture of The Church. Visit Jamie Carte at…


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