Good reading- What are your thoughts?

The Lou is heading for a storm. After the judicial system fails to keep him behind bars, Kiley Jacoby Abrams in How Can I Be Down?, can be described as a weapon of mass destruction. Almost ten years later, he’s made his way back home and searches for the ones who deceived him and plotted to bring him down. Staying on the right track, this time around, is not on his agenda. When Quincy’s release date is near, due to the detective’s screw-ups that led to his arrest, all hell is going to break loose. Without no justice, there certainly won’t be no peace. Desmon, Kiley’s now fifteen-year-old son, is determined to make sure there is no peace. He’s furious about the life that was chosen for him, but continues to follow in his father’s footsteps. Unable to keep his own self out of trouble, Kiley’s life is bound to take a turn for the worst. His trust and love for women continue to be his downfall, but will he allow it to bring him down once again? He’ll realize the power of his freedom, but by then, it just might be too late. About the author: Brenda M. Hampton is making waves in the African American literary world with her bold and addictive style of writing. Being the versatile writer that she is, her novels include: No Justice No Peace, How Can I Be Down?, Two’s Enough Three’s A Crowd, My Way Or No Way, Change Don’t Always Come, and SLICK by Black Pearl Books, Inc.


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