Featured Writer- Mikhail Jackson


There’s a thing I like to call audacity
Where we both press the limits,
See how far each of us can go
Maybe try to push past the limits
I just only wanna test you
Press the buttons that activate,
Stimulate you, it’s only a learning process
Simplicity, there isn’t any of that between us
Only complicity and audacity.
In the honest world, there can be imaginations
Dreams, but where we are, its reality
And what we want, isn’t coming quick enough
But who’s to say we have the same goal?
I’m going to test your boldness
And find that hole in the wall to see your heart
Just maybe, you’ll let me in this time
And let me be the wall that guards your heart

What do you think of this poem? You can contact Mikhail at  jack.ohnine@gmail.com if you are interested in finding out more information about the author.


6 thoughts on “Featured Writer- Mikhail Jackson

  1. Young, tough, educated by through-way and tobacco vellum.
    touches two inches above the rim, short right jab, African Paso Doble.
    Knows a good Pork sandwich and Mrs. Drinkgourd’s Lemonade.
    Has a scar right over…
    And PAPER CUTS on BOTH hands, from speed reading.
    Old barber chair sitters at “Aesop’s SIMI-SWIPE Smoothaterium” smile and hold up ONE finger when ‘Young Mista” Jackson walks through.

    “D” / om

    KEEP brinin’ ’em Mechi’ !

      1. It WAS a time when “WE” owned the places we lived and worked. Our style wasn’t dictated by two German brothers to make billions while we KILLED for OVERPRICED designed obsolescence.
        If you felt as strong as Richard Wright I did my job.
        “D” / om

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