A Piece of Me

The poems in this section are snippets from a new poetry book called A Piece of Me ordering details are on this blog-site or you can go to http://www.mechirenee.shorturl.com All feedback positive or negative is appreciated.


Sun sets on the love we have for each other

A refusal to give up on what’s obvious

A pair so unique they can’t recognize what they have

Major ones, minor ones

Problems that is

Nothing too great for HIM

Ego and Pride keep them at odds

The other one wants that very thing

I want to give in.

Questions to the reader; What do you feel? What is the author saying to you?


7 thoughts on “A Piece of Me

  1. “Understanding”, to look at the words, then sort through the events of a “life”, that can provide some way-points to the images. But, not knowing the pain and pull of estrogen disables most of us from the other ‘senses’ that complete… ‘UNDERSTANDING’.
    (antagonymist.wp/ “bereft”)

    “D” / om

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