Inspiration Station

Daily Devotional

A Praise that Produces Results

By Bishop John McCullough
This week’s topic: The Power of Praise


There is nothing that gets attention like praise!

Every year we celebrate Jesus entering Jerusalem for the culmination of His earthly ministry through the crucifixion, burial, and resurrection which brought restoration for humanity. Praise is associated with the triumphal entry. Praise is powerful, it is causative, and it initiates blessings. As Jesus entered Jerusalem people recognized who He was and acknowledged Him by praising Him.

Luke tells us that Jesus stood outside the city and wept. Doubtless, He did so because those who should have known Him were spiritually blind. They were blinded by their own sin, by a sense of self sufficiency, and by their empty vain religion. The gospel of Mark 10:46-52 depicts a blind man on the outskirts of town who made a sincere praise that got Jesus attention. There is nothing that gets attention like a shout of praise. It can irritate men but it can glorify God. If you want to connect with the blessings of God praise is a way to execute it. It will cause the Lord to stop to meet your request even when others say hold your peace. The blind man did not just make empty vain noise, rather he cried “Jesus thy son of David, have mercy on us.”

Imagine, on the outside of Jerusalem was a man who recognized his condition and cried out for mercy. Inside the city were religious people who failed to recognize their condition. Outside the gates was a man with revelation but no sight and inside the gates were men with sight but no revelation. The blind man cried” thy son of David have mercy on me.” The title connected Jesus with the heritage of King David. God had promised that the throne of David would be established forever. Jesus came through the linage of David.

These blind men knew how to activate and tap into the blessings and mercies of God. We must recognize our own deficiencies and inadequacies and learn to cry out to God with sincere praise and we can experience the blessings and mercies of God too. We don’t have to scream and holler over what we need with empty and insignificant words, we simply need to release strategic praises that will get the Lord’s attention. Jesus said to the man “Go thy faith hath made thee whole. Immediately the man received his sight and followed Jesus.

That was a praise that produced favorable results.  Praise Him today no matter your current condition. Praise in faith and expectation and receive the mercies of God.

Scripture of the day: “Be merciful to me, O Lord for I cry to You all day long. Rejoice the soul of Your servant for to You O Lord I lift up my soul For You Lord are good and ready to forgive and abundant in mercy to all those who call upon You.” – Psalm 86:3-5 (NKJV)

Bishop John McCulloughBishop McCullough serves as Senior Pastor of the Friendship Christian Church and is the founder and CEO of Spirit Flows Ministry/Business Network. He is committed to expanding the kingdom beyond the walls of the local church into the marketplace through apostolic and prophetic operations.


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