Fashion NIPs (Not Impressing People) All about Pisces!

What kind of fish are you?
First I must say, Happy Belated Birthday Mechi!!! This blog will talk about the best sign of all-PISCES!! Say what you want about us, but we are by far the best. Okay here’s the bad parts about Pisces, we’re demanding, we like things our way or the highway. We would prefer people didn’t bother our things even though it may be unorganized! Leave it be please!! Pisces have low tolerance for crap so get yours together before approaching us. We don’t like excuses..Excuses drive us nuts. Don’t try to take over because we are natural leaders we love to be ahead and in charge-of everything. Now let’s talk about the great qualities of Pisces.. We are great at loving and affection. Pisces will love you to death-literally! We are very sociable which sometimes may be mistaken for flirting. Sad but true. We are daring and adventurous and love trying new things. If you are boring with no pizzazz you just lost the Pisces interest and we will move on to the next friend/lover  that peaks our interest. Although we are known to be very bossy, but the flip side to that is we don’t procrastinate we strive to get things done. We will ask a lot of questions because Pisces must know when, where, how, and why we are doing something in order to give it our all. With all this said….GOT PISCES??

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