I’m not listening! Fashion NIPs (Not Impressing People)

One of the reasons that I wanted to blog about Fashion NIPs–Not Impressing People is because I wanted to say want others wouldn’t. Everything today is so sugar coated.NIPs are similar to TIPs. TIPs are similar to the words of encouragement that you get from mom or grandmom. Mom and grandmom always said the right things, but they put a little butter and sugar on top. NIPs are what you get from your best friend(s) that will tell you anything, but don’t care if they hurt your feelings because they told you the truth.So while being a guest blogger I will never apologize for what I say because that’s the whole point of blogging. Just know that my NIPs are not to jump on anybody’s bandwagon–hence the (((NOT IMPRESSING PEOPLE))).Just know that my NIPs are not meant to be rude, but some will take it in a rude manner because they are afraid of truth.

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