How to sell more books on Amazon

How to Sell More Books on Amazon

HowtoSellMoreBooksonAmazonTypepad Maximize Sales and Profits on the World’s Most Popular Bookstore! accounts for the vast majority of online book sales and about 22 percent of total book sales in the United States.

But how can you make your books stand out from the huge number of competing books on Amazon and turn shoppers into buyers?

How to Sell More Books on Amazon outlines top strategies for maximizing your book’s exposure and boosting sales and profits through this vital sales channel. You’ll learn how to:

• Increase the sales appeal of your book page on Amazon.

• Help shoppers find your book amid the millions of competing books.

• Give customers a real bookstore experience by letting them sample your book’s content.

• Use reviews to draw customers to your book and persuade them to buy.

• Profit by selling your content in alternative formats.

• Enhance your personal profile and author page.

• Boost your profits with Amazon’s affiliate program.

• Sell to Amazon more profitably when you bypass their Advantage program.



Get the tools you need to understand and access methods for promoting your book and increasing sales and profits on Amazon. You’ll even find special tips for authors publishing in Kindle ebook format.

As a bonus, the last chapter offers advice on prioritizing your Amazon promotions to make the best use of your time. Learn which Amazon promotional activities are “must do” and which are optional.


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