Ask the Coach Thursdays and New Giveaway/Contest

Good morning everyone! Before we get to our regular Ask the Coach session, I’d like to announce a new giveaway and contest.


I am introducing Freebie Friday where you can earn a complimentary Life or Business Strategy session with me. All you have to do is like my Facebook page ( and subscribe to two mailing lists on my website and Once you do that, e-mail me at and you will get your free session! Remember, you have to do ALL three to get your free session!

For everyone who does this, I will then do a random drawing and the winner will receive a three month coaching package for business or personal use. Three months! That’s a great amount of time to get you started on living the life you love!


Every Thursday we will have an Ask the Coach session, so feel free to send in your questions and issues that you’d like some help and insight on.

Why is that I can’t seem to say no to people? I seem to never have any time for myself. I am always over-committed!

I can certainly relate to what you are asking as I have been there myself. What I find is that most people feel guilty about putting themselves first. When someone has a request, you have to see how the request fits in to your life or schedule. If it doesn’t serve you, then you should be able to say no without explanation. I hope that helps!

Read this article for more help: How To Say No Without Feeling Guilty.


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