Long-Lost Friends Who Still Matter

As we end one year and look forward to the next, we tend to reflect upon our friendships, new and old. We are grateful for those friendships as they have made our lives fuller. I saw this post on Hello Giggles and it made me think of my own friendships. Do you have a long-lost friend?


A brief letter to those long-lost friends who still matter by Kelsey Wynne

Friendship for me has always been somewhat of a challenge. I’ll meet people with whom I feel connected, but before I know it, we’ve both moved on. For a lot of people this may seem normal, but I’ve always longed for deeper connections than that. I used to dream up fantasies of road trips, and bonfires that I would have with a small intimate group of people. I still want those things, but as life progresses, I’ve come to terms with how rare that is.

I’ve also learned to cherish the connections I have made. Even when you move on, you never forget when someone’s made a positive impact in your life. Or you shouldn’t. It’s when things get hard that I must remind myself of the people I’ve known that do care, and the amazing friendships I’ve made in the past that made me the person I am today.

I wrote this back when I was a senior in high school. It was a time of transition and change in my life. Now that I’m a senior again (this time in college) and reflecting on all the friends I’ve made in school, I decided to revisit it.

For my friend,

I love you.

You’re my friend, though I may not know you very well anymore. You are my friend, and that’s all I care about. You were my friend when not many people were. You saw me when not many people saw me. You gave me hope, and confidence; that’s what keeps me going. If it weren’t for you and the time I knew you, I would not be where I am today. We may not speak anymore, but you’re the reason for a lot of triumphs and smiles.
So here’s to you, thank you.

I love you.

It’s an old note, but it reminded me that no matter what phase of friendship you’re in, some people just earn a permanent place in your heart.


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