Career Myths To STOP Believing Now

There’s a lot of career advice out there. Some of it is good, some it is true, and then there are things you hear that are just wrong.

Read Refinery29’s article Career Myths to STOP Believing

  • Myth #1: Most women aren’t supportive of other women at work. — FALSE!
  • Myth #2: Negotiating will make you seem ungrateful or greedy. — FALSE!
  • Myth #3: You can only have one great career in your lifetime. — FALSE!
  • Myth#4: The older I get, the further I get from HUGE success. — FALSE!
  • Myth #5: Successful women are all married to their jobs. –FALSE!

My favorite myth is #3. Look at Vera Wang:

“She started as a professional ice skater, and then spent 15 years as a fashion editor at Vogue. And then became the design director at Ralph Lauren before finally opened her own bridal boutique in 1990 — and becoming the most prominent bridal wear designer in America.”

This just shows us that we don’t have to be stuck doing one thing our entire lives. We can change and grow and evolve and still be interesting, independent, and successful women.



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