Proof of the Power of Confidence

Yahoo Beauty has featured a parade of awe-inspiring women this year. From entrepreneurs to actresses, to the first woman to cross Antarctica with nothing but her own strength, each has spoken at length about confidence, both what they’ve learned about the invaluable tool and how life-changing even an ounce can be. They’ve rounded up their best quotes—if you take anything into the new year, make it this.

beautyHere are a few of my favorites:

Olivia Munn, Actress

“Having self-awareness is very important, and I think that when you are comfortable with your imperfections no one can make you feel bad about them. I’m at a point where I know that there will always be people who are taller, thinner, more attractive, sexier, more beloved, and adored than I, and there will be people on the other side of that, and once you realize that everybody has that in life you just realize that you can’t go through life wishing I had this or that, and you just have to embrace it.”

Misty Copeland, Prima Ballerina

“I accepted a lot of mentors into my life that guided me and gave me confidence. You have to be open to help, you can’t be stubborn and think you can make it on your own. Everyone needs guidance.”

Banks, Singer

“Life is a constant push and pull of being sure of yourself and not being so sure of yourself. I am most confident when I am fully me. When I allow myself to love what I think, when I free myself to do what I want despite what others are saying—that’s power.”

Jodie Patterson, co-founder of DooBop

“I have insecurities and doubts, as we all do. But I committed myself to being relentless. If you find something scary, lean into that area and keep doing it. Fight the fear and the lack of confidence. The instinct is to go in the opposite direction, but if you just start doing it a couple of times, it becomes a practice.”

Read what other women like Olivia Wilde, Kerry Washington, Janelle Monae, and Kate Upton also had to say: Proof of the Power of Confidence via Yahoo Beauty


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